The Writing

09 May, 2017

i made something

Nous got me a drop spindle and some Very Pretty Fiber from Blarney Yarns a couple Christmases ago. I've finally started making yarn with it. This is complicated by the fact I have only the one drop spindle, and now a kick-spindle, but nothing like a wheel. So, you know, it's a slow process.

First we spin the fiber into thread. I spin fine, and the more stressed I am, the more finely I spin. So, yeah, spidersilk. Once it's thread, we take it off the drop spindle and put it on a bobbin (or, as we like to call them in my house: a toilet paper roll). Each of these is exactly half the unspun fiber by weight (1.5 oz). Since the thread fiber varies in thickness--from gossamer to hey, I can almost see that thread!--the actual length of yarn is anyone's guess.

Then we take a big knitting needles, stick the bobbin on it, and secure it in Because this here is a high-class fancy operation, yes sirree! Note the variance in the thread colors: Mirhya does f-ing gorgeous dyes. That pink on the top gives way to a purple as dark as the middle roll's, which also has orange and pink in the layers. That bottom purple has some beautiful blues. I can't remember the names...Sangria, Villain, and... something? But she picked them for the bundle (and for me, since she knows me).

Then we add a kick spindle, over there on the right, mostly obscured by Louhi. And then we spin, and spin, and spin... and when that is done, we take the now 3-ply yarn off the kick spindle, wind it around a pair of chair legs (no photos of that. Hands full) and tie it off. And THEN we have this, which is about 99 yds of heavy sock/sport weight. I'm anticipating about the same amount from the second 1.5 oz, for a total of 200 yds. 

I'm not sure what I think of spinning, y'all. I love playing with fiber. It's super slow and time-consuming (I know! Drop spindle guarantees that) for not a lot of yarn. I think a wheel would probably change my life. I think... well. First I will finish this, and WAR BANDAGE, and then we'll see.

03 May, 2017


...because the clothes dryer caught fire on Monday. The rat sensibly decided to move out at that point.

It has been exactly that kind of week.

29 April, 2017


We have a rat in the laundry closet on the patio. I've seen it, and its droppings, and heard it crawling around back there behind (maybe inside?) the washer frame. The cats have been very attentive in the evenings when the rat is most active, which is when I spotted it last night.

Today, I'm home and pretending to write, so I can let them out to investigate. And oh, there is investigation. I can track the rat's movements by the cats. They're like divining rods: eyes, ears, whole being pointing to its current location.

I hope they scare it enough that it moves house and we don't have to resort to traps.

Meanwhile, I sit here, door open, maybe 3 feet from a wild rat and a very alert Skugga, and pretend to concentrate on the WIP. Guess how well that's going.