03 January, 2011

my new year's resolution...

...is headstand by June.

So very excited for yoga tonight. It's been 3 weeks between classes! That's the downside to the holiday break. The upside is of course that I did not have to grade or show up in a classroom in that interim, either, although I did read and respond to work email. I am in complete grumpy denial that classes restarted today. I'm teaching zombies again--the theme of the course, not the students. I'm almost, almost getting sick of them (zombies! not students!). I am also not going to make up a new syllabus for the spring classes. We will finish this year with zombies.

Anyway. Yoga. We were talking about classes I take, not classes I teach. Stupid-excited to get back to the Monday class, even though I know partway in I will be cursing the instructor and wishing I'd been more diligent in my home practice during December and probably regretting the coffee I drank before class that I need to go brew now since the water's finally boiling there brewed now where was I?

Commas are for those who need to take breaths.

I don't know what it is about yoga I love. It's not the spiritual aspect, because a) my classes don't emphasize that and b) I would be annoyed if they did. Chanting is cool and all, but it's not my thing. I think I go to breathe, stupid as that sounds. Well. Breathe and stretch and focus, for 75 minutes, on something so totally that everything else goes away. The job, the stress about the spousal unit's job, the fretting about the next convolution of plot, the deep conviction that I will never really sell the novel even if I finish it, the slow progress of the knitting, whatever. It's all gone when I am on the mat. Which is not to say I'm in some zen place. I'm not. I'm still pushing myself to stay balanced or get that leg straight or whatever (which is not very yoga, I know). But I am entirely focused on what I am doing, right then.

That's remarkably restful.

Aha. And I just figured out I have to double-carriage-return to get my two line breaks in this update window, unlike the benighted monstrosity I use for my class websites. Score one for learning a new thing without reading the directions first!

So yeah. I am reliably informed that my blog is "very plain." Said informer implied she might fix that for me. I will probably let her, because her Photoshop-fu outstrips mine by several orders of magnitude. I am undecided... do we go with the whole scifi look, or the mythic look...I mean, are we going with DA or ME here? I don't know. My blog design, like my fictional choices, is often conflicted. Maybe I can get her to do cyborg vikings or dragons or ravens, or knotwork in chrome. (Rat. If you're reading this... whaddya think?)

 LJ tells me my paid account has expired just this very moment. Quelle horreur. The community that made me move over there 7 years ago is largely migrated off to FB or Twitter, the former of which I am on (reluctantly) and the latter of which I shun like plague. Both are free. For the price of an LJ, well... I can do other things. Like buy ebooks! or real books. Or yarn. Or whatever. Priorities, they have changed.

Although I evidently think I have something interesting enough to say that people will read it. Ha. Maybe I'm writing to myself. Maybe that's okay.


  1. How in the name of Baal's balls did I not know of the existence of this blog until now?

    (While intended to be rhetorical, that question is, in fact, easily answered: because I'm an LJ abandoner. Bad me.)

    I shall start catching up. Which, I'm sure will thrill you no end.

  2. Awww, I love you too.