20 February, 2011

if i wait...

...to post until I have a fully formed essay in mind, or the energy to write said essay, this blog will molder away. That may not matter to you, but it matters to me. So the drive-by blog of the day is:

The Lucent Dossier Experience is pretty godsdamned awesome. It's like Cirque du Soleil meets a Steampunk Renaissance Festival. This particular event was in a warehouse down by Little Tokyo. Freezing cold (meaning in the 40s, pouring rain), concrete floors, doors open on both ends to let people in and out (food truck was outside). The stage took up most of the main floor. Sometimes everyone was invited to dance on it (as the cast members dragged, cajoled, and lured people up there), sometimes it was performances--dance, acrobatics, a mix. Best part of that--you were no more than 20 feet away from the stage at any point, and most of the time you were one or two rows back, tops, and the cast would come round and ask the first couple of rows to sit on the concrete so the rest could see easily. No rules, no set seats--interactive art stations (the woman doing a live painting--Jules, if you read this blog, she was amazing), a crepe-maker, street characters, and Too Tall Paul, who would play live and improved music over headphones, just for you. He was a literal one-man band, playing and mixing and making the sounds up as he went, feeding them into his amp, and singing.

The Rat got us tickets; she's a member of their mailing list. I confess I was skeptical with the whole 'unannounced secret location TBA in email at the end of the week!' schtick, imagining some unflattering things about the individuals who might attend such an affair (oh gods, I said to Nous, do you think there will be famous people(tm) there? No, he said. Probably rich douche-nozzles. --And there were a few, oh yes! but there were more cool weird people in costumes and multiple tattoos than we've seen in one place in a while.)

Anyway, this goes down as one of those excellent Only In L.A. experiences.

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