24 February, 2011

instant gratification

So far, we are not regretting the decision to get Netflix instant streaming for the Xbox. Not only is it free for a month, which means we can be shitheads and cancel out in the next 25 days and pay nothing, nothing! --but in the last 5 days we have watched 4 good movies we would not have seen otherwise, because Redbox, bless its little convenient heart, just doesn't have the foreign film selections. Valhalla Rising. Dead Snow. Arn: The Last Templar. Some fucked up French thing, Sheitan, which is the only one I am not as pleased to have watched. There were eye gouging moments. That's never good. (In a way that Valhalla Rising's skull-bashing scene does not bother me, nor the gore of Dead Snow). But they have Hawaii, Oslo! So we will have to watch that one again.

You will note a trend to the Scandinavian. This should surprise no one.

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