03 March, 2011

the song of lice and liar

I am trying very hard not to be negative and pessimistic about the whole GRRM Game of Thrones HBO thing. The cast looks amazing. The sets look amazing. HBO, of all possible networks, won't shy away from the sex and violence in the source material (they might even exaggerate it, who knows?) The British accents are even legitimate, for a good chunk of the actors. I'm just not feeling the love. Possibly because I am contrary, and every time I turn around I am seeing links and posts and squees and frenetic jumping about, and that sort of enthusiasm just makes me wanna go the other way and be all negative. Maybe it's because when I read the Game of Thrones, my copy had a glitch, and there were 75 pages missing (and 75 duplicated and inserted in their place), and I read around them and didn't have any trouble following the plot. Haven't bothered to replace the copy, either. Eh. I don't know. I am happy to see epic fantasy making a public debut again, and in some form that isn't bloody Arthuriana. Begone, negativity. Go on. Beat it.

I am still more excited about Dragon Age 2.

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