26 April, 2011

today, i am disappointed in the world

I hit a point, sometimes, where I just can't muster the energy to be angry about the things that deserve that anger. Or when too many angry-making things pile up until I'm buried in them. I am not sure which point I am at, at present. Maybe both. But I am freakin' tired, people.

I am tired of so-called Christians practicing none of the compassion I see in their Jesus. He hung out with the dregs of society. He did not avoid said dregs and condemn them and treat them like shit. He did not spend his days posting (ha. Jesus on Facebook. There's a thought) about how awful those other people are, and being smug; nor did he spend all his time trumpeting his own righteousness. He said--love people. Be humble. All that really hard stuff. I don't see a lot of love. I think if these people had been Jesus, they've been all Yo! Magdelene! Get OFF MY FEET! Nasty ho. Stop that. Then come talk to me.

I see my best friend hurting because her brother won't come to her wedding or bring his family because he doesn't want to "give his kids the wrong idea"--said idea being, apparently, that two women might love each other that way. No, it's better to give those kids the idea that Jesus might hate two people for loving each other. Great plan.

So that makes me tired. And it makes me angry. But mostly tired, because I cannot do anything about it. Or them. Or the attitudes they carry, that have not changed in the 20 years that I've known them.

And I swear to all my ancestors that I am tired, tired, TIRED of the manufactured drama around Certain HBO Series(tm). Is it rape? Is it not? Come the fuck on, people. It's fantasy, it's fiction, and it's supposed to be upsetting. More upsetting: rape happens now, today, all around us, to people we know, and you're all worked up about a fucking TV show. Worry about real women who are asked what they were wearing, or were they drunk, or were they married, or did they really fight back, or the thousand other shitty things we say, as a culture, to rape victims to turn them into partially responsible agents in their own violation.

Also sick of people muttering about how the source material isn't critical enough of the violence against women. It's the middle ages. It's violence against everyone. It's worse to be a woman, sure, and worse still to be a poor woman.  But if you think GRRM isn't critical of that, well shit. I don't know what you're reading. I say this as Not A Fangirl, but someone who found the books uncomfortable and not entirely satisfying. But again, I think--if you don't like the books, don't read them! And if violence against women upsets you, DO SOMETHING. Or write something that better portrays what you want to see in the genre. Or write letters to publishers so they buy things that you want to read, and put them on the shelves, instead of discounting large swaths of the reading public and imagining we prefer romance novels or paranormal romances or sexy vampires or whatever.

But sexism, homophobia, religiously excused assholery--that shit's really for real, and happening to really-real people.  And we can't be bothered to care about that, no, let's throw a shitstorm instead about a cable series.

Tired. So. Damn. Tired.

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  1. It's a sad world we live in when it's easier to care about a cable series than it is the woman next door.