06 June, 2011

good things

1. A trio of my students, for their final project, made an old-school text-based game, alà Zork or Hitchhiker's Guide. Theirs is about a zombie apocalypse (in keeping with the course theme) with some Cold War paranoia thrown in.  So far, I have not found any grues. But I have found, and succumbed to, the zombie dogs. I think I will have to give them a grade on this long before I beat it.

2. The quarter is over. This needs no further comment.

3. I have completed my first sock. It looks like a sock. It fits. It is also pink, but that was intentional. Sometimes pink is not an awful, odious color. This is one of those times.

4. Netflix streaming has all the eps of Angel. Now I have something to watch while I spend my summer afternoons making socks. The next pair will not be pink.

5. This:

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