23 July, 2011

and the death count rises

So the terrorist in Norway was a home-grown, right-wing, conservative Christian fundamentalist. He's blown up buildings and killed close to 100 people, many of them teenagers and affiliated with the liberal party in Norway. A political act of terrorism, in one of the most peaceful, open societies in Europe, one of our NATO allies. The attacks are symptomatic of a rise in extreme right-wing crap in Europe, and that should worry us. It should worry us even more that we have our own right-wing conservative fascist element. Our Christian white-boy terrorists generally confine themselves to bombing women's clinics and murdering doctors, but they have occasionally gone after buildings full of government workers and their children. When they do, we execute them and dismiss them as extremists. Norway won't kill their terrorist, having evolved beyond government-sanctioned vengeance killing capital punishment at the turn of the last century. But they might have a backlash against the kind of xenophobic thinking that produced him.

In an ideal world, or even a self-aware one, the rest of us might be looking at Norway and grieving with them, and thinking that we should be that much more vigilant against the kind of thinking that produces home-grown terrorism and right-wing extremism. 

Instead, most of my fucking f-list in varying social media is on about Amy Winehouse.

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