16 August, 2011

neither socks nor æbelskiver


I found Nina's Design a Sweater online class when I was prowling around on KnitPicks, and it's a great little tutorial. I wanted something light weight and thin-yarned, and I'm on a sock-making kick these days, so I though--what if I made a sweater out of sock yarn? I poked around for patterns, but found nothing I really liked. Some inspiration, sure, but I knit like I bake and cook--a pattern (recipe) is a suggestion, not a stopping point. A design-your-own class was about perfect. Also, video! That always helps. You probably can't tell from the crappy pic, but the sweater's double-stranded and two-color. Black and teal, black and blue, black and grey, from the bottom up. The only thing I didn't do that I had intended was a hood. I have enough yarn, but the shape of this sweater no longer says HOOD ME, so the hood will wait.

Next up, besides socks, is a long meant-to-be-layered sleeveless tunic in the most delightfully obnoxious bouclé ever. And there really will be pictures of the blue-bearded battle bonnet, when I've got the beads added to the braids.

1 comment:

  1. That is completely smegging awesome.

    Aaaand, not being gay, I can't say why. It fits well? I like the long sleeves? The grey bit at the top... looks cool? Well, whatever. It looks cool.