11 August, 2011

the pacific northwest, only not

This has been the coolest summer I can remember around here. Like, wearing long sleeves (grant: thin cotton tees, but still!)  and/or long pants kinda cool. Grey mornings, so humid that my hair won't dry if it's in a clip. Sun creeping out midafternoon, just in time to help me with the dark-yarn knitting, but without enough force to warm things up. I have been tempted to wear socks, mes amis. And I don't wear socks in SoCal unless it's, like, November or I'm wearing boots.

I know it's too much to hope that the normal Death Heat of September and October will skip us, but I just want to go on record saying July was a rare and precious gift, and August has been awesome so far, and oh please, spirits of cloud and air, keep this up.