11 November, 2011

i am having trouble

...with this whole Penn State thing. I cannot wrap my head around how shit like this goes on and no one does anything. How the victims are named One and Two because no one knows who they are, but they have been seen by witnesses being abused and no one bothered to ask their goddamned names because no one bothered to intervene. I don't get how you see something like that happening and you just, oh, walk away. I'm kinda with Jon Stewart, on that one. Call Cops! Stop Rape! Or Stop Rape! Call Cops! Really. One of those things. Walk away? Not so much. Let's leave aside the dude who saw it--the big one, the former quarterback, that dude. So he can't bring himself to say anything, okay (but not really). So he calls daddy (daddy? daddy?) and waits a full fucking day to tell his superior, who reports to his, and by the end of it, raping a child in the lockerroom becomes questionable sexual behavior becomes horseplay that made a grad student uncomfortable. I can feel blood vessels popping in my brain even typing that.

And the pity for Joe Paterno... I don't get it. I don't want to get it. This man covered up child rape. He knew shit was happening and he did. Nothing. He has regrets? I bet he does. What about the kids? You think they might have some? Those folks who defend Paterno, who "support him"...the ones for whom football is more important than stopping pedophilia... words fail. Truly.  I just want to know who they are, in case I ever have the chance to boycott a business, or refuse employment, or have a clear line of sight and some extra spit.

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