14 December, 2011

civic duty

Been on jury duty this week. Well. On call jury duty, which means checking the website at noon (really, the updates happen around 11:40) every day to see if they need me for the afternoon. It's not particularly onerous as duties go, particularly since I haven't had to report, but for a pretty solid J (on the Meyers-Kiersey-Briggs scale), it's a little maddening. It's also costing me a freelance job Thursday and Friday, which I cannot just up and leave should the courts decide they need prospective jurors for the afternoon. So no freelance work.

Nous, however, is under no such constraint, so he will be freelancing. You'd think I'd give the guy a break, since he just finished his PhD at the beginning of the month. But no. Rent and food and cat litter wait for no man, even a doctor. No, not that kind of doctor. So he's working, and I'm...waiting. And working, but at laundry and housecleaning (which we need desperately), which is unpaid and therefore women's work unvalued in society at large. Also, you can't buy cat litter with it.

My father, when told of the doctorhood, promptly asked if I should be Frau Doctor now. I said no. Nous did too, adding that I would probably prefer my own identity. Yes. If I were the Doctor's Wife, I'd wanna be the TARDIS. And we know he's not that kind of doctor already, so I am merely call-in juror and assistant course director between courses at the moment.

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  1. You mean there's another way of serving jury duty than sitting on one's arse for two weeks at the downtown LA criminal courts building? Make sure you read the fine print :)

    And...congrats to Dr. Nous!

  2. Oh lord, it better not go into next week. I have holiday baking to do.