14 March, 2012

through the eye

I got official word today that I passed the merit review for continuing lecturer (aka, "the eye of the needle"). This means I have what passes for job security among adjuncts: the same percentage appointment next year, no need to reapply for my job for the next 3 years, one year's notice if they want to cut my appointment or lay me off. Don't tell me unions aren't a good thing.

But economics aside--and never very far aside, as we look at living on the economy next year, which promises to double our rent the moment we step off campus--this is a good thing. A cool thing. I know I am a good teacher. I did not really imagine I wouldn't get through the eye. A friend on the committee told me that the departmental consensus for my file was unanimous. And the letter I got says some very nice things from people who I respect professionally about *me* as a professional.

Whoa. I think I have a career now. Like, I'm really a teacher. Of course that is not a shiny, respectable profession these days,* but since when do I care about respectable? It's punk to be a teacher. Go me.

But seriously. It's really awesome to know that my work is valued and valuable by other educators.

And! Cherry on the sundae! I was the only student in my yoga class this afternoon. A little scary, being all alone with the instructor. But cool, too, because we worked on the scary arm balances that I am nowhere near able to do but need to practice anyway. And tripod headstand! Not that I got all the way into it, but halfway counts.

I am gonna hurt like hell tomorrow, which is the last day of the quarter, which means my awesome classes turn in their final projects and we watch all the videos in class and it's a party. Then final grades and finally, finally, I get to start ME3. Like, maybe Friday.

Life is good.

* I am trying not to wax furious and political. At least, in this post. I am storing up a lot of fury on the war on women front, though, and that will blow eventually.

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