07 August, 2012

things i have learned

 Where summer has been hiding. It's been in the Inland Empire the whole time. Now it seems to have followed us home to the coast. I hope, if we don't feed it, it will wander home soon.

Some people have no shame. Oh former associate, you did not actually just ask me to help you with a project from which you removed me unceremoniously several months ago... right? She must think I am very stupid, or very flattered to have my opinions solicited, when what I am is too professional to say "you're kidding, right? Go ask my replacement."

Images of medieval death are pretty awesome. So is The Getty, though not the afternoon commute, and I think Dante missed a level called "the 405 during rush hour" in his Inferno.  I especially loved the map of Dante's Hell, and the prayerbook illustration of the girl for whom the book was intended, with said girl facing Death and three rotting corpses of other women who had presumably failed in their devotionals. I also liked the 10,000 handed devil chained to a slab in Hell, burning and skewering all the damned souls on his 100,000  fingers like a marshmallow roast. The images of heaven, otoh, were rather dull. Cool, pale colors. Everyone in white. Clearly, hell was more fun to draw.

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