22 August, 2012

WoW. No. Not a Game.

I was initially reluctant to use the term War on Women. It sounded too much like a political catch-phrase, meant to drum up emotions and suppress logic. Also, it shorthands to WoW, which means something entirely different to me.

But then.

So by now you probably heard/read Rep. Todd Akin's comments about "legitimate rape." Now his fellow Republican conservative, Rep. Steve King (no relation to Stephen King, although the man speaks horror) claims that he's never heard of pregnancy resulting from incest or statutory rape, but he's willing to discuss it.

Funny. A bunch of OBGYNs did a study back in the 90s that showed "significant" numbers of women get pregnant from rape every year. Of course that looks suspiciously like science, so chances are Akin and King didn't bother to read--wait. Akin's on the House Science Committee. And last year he and King tried to define "forcible rape" for a bill. It's becoming clear that unless you fight like hell when someone rapes you, and come off bruised and bloody and maybe badly wounded, these assbags are not going to believe you were "legitimate." And maybe not even then, if you're one of that significant number who ends up pregnant, because your magic lady-bits didn't prevent the Hate Sperm from conception.

This isn't a war. It's a regression to the fucking Middle Ages.  

Maybe that makes it a little more World of Warcraft after all. Maybe those of us who didn't luck out on the lowest difficulty setting (thank you, John Scalzi) need to hurry up and level up. The Horde is on the way.


  1. WoW ... It's unbelievable ... so much so that you don't even know how to respond. WoW. Really? WoW ... I'm not in the US, so what I get is subject to the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you read is a lie the other 20% you should question ... I think Mark Twain said that? I don't remember. Still that 20% is ... WoW. Really? Wow. ... Anyway, here I am in good O'Catholic Ireland and even the news think that Adkin & King are lunatics! (Fookin' Langers) The best representation that I've heard so far of the way the conservative Irish feel and think about "WoW" is what I over heard at Ms. O'Sullivans' 100 yr birthday by a group of over 60 silver hairs (both men and women mind you) "HOLY MARY MUDDER O'GOD! Dem idgiot pratts abusin' der garls like so! Dey'll awl bar'in down b'low I'd say!"

    1. Like I said, I was a slow adopter of the whole WoW moniker. Now I keep wondering wtf happened, and whether or not I fell into a wonky timeline somewhere. This rhetoric is so over the top absurd it should be dialog from Stargate or something.