30 September, 2012

Bast is watching

Friday afternoon, it looked like Pix was done. Couldn't see, skin was all pissed off again, raw patches under the fur, looked like wild badgers had dragged her around L.A. She was acting like wild badgers had dragged her around L.A.

So we made an appointment with the vet. Not necessarily THE appointment, but maybe.

We tried not to think too hard about it. There were tears.

Saturday, her eyes were dilating normally. She could see large movements, if not well close-up. Skin had calmed down. Raw patches mysteriously vanished. The vet was pleasantly surprised to see her (I think he'd been expecting it to be That Visit). Her BP is more down. Her kidneys are still failing at a cheerfully steady rate, but her retinas are reattached and there are no hemorrhages. Her vision sucks, but she has vision. And most importantly, she's begging for bacon she can't see clearly.


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