24 September, 2012

the cat who cannot win

...so the bright red ears Pixie was sporting this weekend proved, upon close inspection, to be scabby red inflamed tissue. I discovered this at the vet's, while she was trapped on the counter and under bright light and forced to hold still.

"Look!" I said. "This isn't right. What is this?"

Vet made a face and sighed. "Allergies to the thyroid meds."

Oh, FFS. 

So she's off those for the foreseeable future, with the probability of new meds in 7-10 days if we can get her BP down and her eyes back.

Because yes, high BP. Stupid high. Probable causes: her thyroid and her kidney disease, one and two. The detached retinas that make OMGBIG eyes are a direct result. But in the only good news of the visit, said retinas may reattach if we get the BP down right now. The pupils are still responding to light. So with any luck, she'll be seeing better by Saturday. If she isn't, in she goes and we stick her on some other damn thing to get her BP down. If she's not, she can wait another week for another checkup.

If we can't get her eyes settled out fast, though, the detachment is permanent. Which means permanent blindness. Which means... well. You can guess what it means.

The vet seemed pretty sad when we concluded our visit. Said he was sorry this was all happening to Pixie. Yeah. Us, too. And Pixie totally feels sorry for herself (but not so sorry she could not beg for dinner, which was vegetarian, which did not deter her in the slightest. Cheese counts as cat food.)


  1. GoddamnFuckBuggerShitFuckCockPissArseTwatCuntFuckCrapFuckFuckFuckShitBollocksArsingArseBuggerFuckballsBuggeryFuck.

    Yes, that's about as eloquently as I can express my reaction to your last few posts.

  2. Add another buggery fuck on to the end, yeah? Because eyes are not responding.

  3. No! Fuck. Gyhaaargh (= incoherent yell)