31 October, 2012

happy halloween!

There is nothing quite like walking across campus, in costume, on Halloween. It's an excellent way to figure out who's cool, and who's too cool. I got a lot of smiles, which was nice.

My classes, for whom the performance was intended, reacted appropriately. Well. Maybe. Okay, I don't know. The first batch pulled out iPhones and starting snapping pictures. Is that normal? I was a little surprised. I don't phase, walking around in costume, but I flinch at photographs. I threatened them with dismemberment if I caught a ton of tags with my name on Facebook. They all giggled. 

The second class had a lot more too-cool sidelong stares. Evidently the first-years have a sense of fun, and the second-years are all grown up. But they were perfectly happy to get candy. 

And obviously,  I am not all grown up.


And in the background: Louhi, because every witch needs a black cat. (Except I really want a flying monkey.)

In both classes, I had people decide I was McGonnogal from Harry Potter. I am flattered, on one hand, because Maggie Smith rocks. On the other, I am so not that wrinkly.

And here: Nous, who really was creepy. 

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