28 October, 2012

better to burn out

It just won't do to let October escape without a post. October's my favorite month, or rather, it used to be my favorite month when it actually heralded autumn, colder weather, and the possibility of snow. Out here, it's the Santa Ana month, which means the last week has been very dry and very hot, but it's that autumn hot. The air is like glass. Clear. Brittle. Temperature entirely dependent on sunlight.

Anyway, October is not my favorite month anymore, meteorologically, but it's still my favorite year-month. Halloween, people! Halloween is awesome. It's also the month in which we got married. (Ten years ago. Good and benevolent ancestors.) And it's the early part of the school year, so my energy is still high, and my optimism. There's potential in October. Yes yes, dying of the old year, I know, I'm down with that (yay, long dark nights and short bright days). But it's before elections (and so there is hope for the future), and the academic job market is still accepting applications, rather that sending rejections. That kind of potential.

Also, Trader Joe's has pumpkin ice cream. 

November, though. November could suck. We'll worry about that later. And there will still be pumpkin ice cream, at least through T-day.

The CSA box continues to delight, and by delight, I mean "force me to learn new ways to cope with vegetables." A bunch of radishes every week! One learns to cook radishes (roasted is quite tasty). And to make grilled pear and smoked salmon pizza. And make everything with kale, collard greens, or chard. I do not feel even a little bit anemic.

But it is the waning time.

Pixie's proven herself allergic to both kinds of thyroid meds, so she's off them. Her kidney disease will likely improve, with the hyperthyroidism. Her heart will not. She's feeling good for now. Happy. Her metabolism's acting like she's a kitten, even as it burns her out. I think that's really all you can ask for, you know? That on the way out, you're happy and convinced you're a lot younger than your years.

May we all be that fortunate.