29 May, 2014

up and down and up again

Yoga training for this summer was postponed until September (exactly when I can't commit to 25 hour weekends)...and then un-postponed again within 24 hours. My teacher wants to run it for the seven of us who committed, even if he he might not do better than break even on the work. I suspect his assistant wasn't too thrilled about sending the second email, but I know *he* wasn't thrilled to've cancelled in the first place, and evidently *his* teacher suggested he go ahead anyway. So I am back in training starting a week from Friday, which will entail some creative logistics to get me from last day of class, ending at 1:50, to the training site by 2.

Mom's got hernia surgery today. It's out-patient and supposedly easy and minor, but it's still general anesthetic. One frets, long distance.

Mid-April, an agent asked for revisions on a manuscript. This was both an up and a down--up, because omg, someone read my work and liked it and down because it wasn't an offer. But those revisions are done and go out today, as soon as I get enough courage up to press 'send' on the email. The Rat, despite crazy work and her father visiting, came through and read the whole lot of it for me, catching typos and stupid sentences and generally making sure it all makes sense. She is my hero. I would buy her a beer except she doesn't drink. I think I'll buy ME a beer, then.

Really, I think this day just needs beer and yoga, and not in that order.

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