22 December, 2014

the stars aligned

Got a literary agent. Contract is signed. I feel like... I don't even know. Like one part I did it! and two parts omg, luck because while I think I'm pretty damned good, I know a lot of other people are, too, and some of those folks might be even better and they don't have an agent. I don't feel like a fraud or anything, but I also don't feel like I magically deserved to be here because I worked hard.

Which is not to undercut that I did work hard, because I did, in writing and revising (and revising some more) and the collecting of rejections (or resounding silence, taken to mean rejection). And without that work, no agent.

Now the work is hers, to convince someone to buy this manuscript. And my work is to keep writing, revising, and sacrificing chickens to the eldritch gods otherwise carry on.

But I gotta tell ya, one of the things I am most psyched about: I won't have to write another query letter.

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