17 June, 2015

it was a dilemma

...what to call the new laptop. Furiosa, because FURIOSA...but I wasn't sure I needed that kind of anger (and tendency toward violence) in a working machine. Also, the cybernetic limb made me a little nervous. I don't want bits falling off.

I tend to name my machines after, well, other machines. Which Furiosa is not. Another strike. And we've had Wintermutes and EDIs and Cortanas and BaseOnes and BaseTwos. (Nous bucked the trend last time with Mimir. I don't want a disembodied head.) Then I remembered Ancillary Justice. So then it came down to Justice of Toren, or Breq, or OneEsk.

Nous asked if my laptop is an actual entity, or if it is an extension of me. I think it's both (I'm an animist, all right? Machines have their own spirits, just like everything else). But ultimately I'm the boss (right? RIGHT? Come on. Run the damned backup. Do as I say.) But that eliminated Breq, because she doesn't do anyone's bidding these days. I appreciate rebellion and defiance, just not in my hardware. Especially when I'm in the middle of revisions. Oh my various gods, no defiance now, please and thank you.

So OneEsk, it is. But I swear, if this machine starts singing, I'm outta here.