29 November, 2015

The Month of Many Things, Both Sublime and Awful

...is damned near over, thank you my various gods. That's what I'm thankful for.

That, and my gaming group. We spent yesterday--The Rat, Nous, and I--playing D&D (5e, which is a shock for someone who learned on AD&D 2nd and never bothered to upgrade, because why?). Hours of it, the culmination of Latest Adventure which the Rat has been planning for weeks, because this weekend she'd be able to come down to our place and run without distraction. And indeed: she walked in, said hi, and when I asked how T-Day went, said 'Later! After game.'

Because etiquette and pretty manners and petty conversation can wait, people. There are players' plans to upend, saving throws to make (or not), a high-level necromancer cleric to defeat. And math, because even streamlined 5e D&D has modifiers to add and damage to subtract from the ever-dwindling hit points. There were several several saving throws and oh shit, I'm so dead...am I dead? moments. (I was not dead, as it happened, thanks to race and class bonuses* and one hit point.)

The only sign of our age was this: green tea and beer instead of Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. Carrots and celery and hummus (oh my) instead of Doritos. Vegetarian chili for dinner instead of pizza. No dessert because we ate too much chili (and too many corn chips). Totally therapeutic.

*Half-orc templars** for the win.
** House-rules class, because we believe you can do good and be honorable without also being lawful.