21 December, 2015

happy star wars

A3-D3 (Back in Red) and 0R-E0

Went with the parents to Disneyland and while they rode some tame thing on a river, we ran off to Tomorrowland. There were storm troopers outside advising everyone that (Hyper)Space Mountain was down for repairs, and advising us all to "Move along."

So we did. We found a custom droid-building station in the gift shop and we built droids because that is what you do before Star Wars returns to theatres.

There are a billion posts out there about The Force Awakens.  John Scalzi and Chuck Wendig have good spoiler-free posts that pretty well cover my feelings on the matter, so go read them.

I will have more thoughts a) after I've seen it again and sifted through the immediate emotional reactions and b) finished a round of revisions on Book Three.