31 May, 2016


ENEMY launches tomorrow.

I am writing guest blog posts.

It's the last week of spring quarter.

We traveled 500 miles in 2 days this weekend, going to and from a wedding in NorCal.

An old (but far too young) friend of mine died on Monday of a sudden, massive heart attack.

And I have to cook dinner here in a few minutes.

Skugga is correctly expressing how I feel right now.

Therefore, you get pictures after the cut...

At the wedding... look. There are no bride/groom photos here. We watched the wedding, we did not record it for posterity; the photographers did that (and they sat at our table, too!) Anyway, it was lovely. Our friends are happy. And that is the point of weddings.

We did, however, take pictures of ourselves.

The Inky Women: me and Tira Palmquist, showin' off our tats.

And the fiber arts...

The endless blanket--I mean, seriously.  Like 9 months knitting this damn thing, mostly because it was boring and HOT. Here it is, folded in half on the bed. (I caught it in a rare moment of Neither Husband Nor Cat Upon It).

This will be an infinity scarf. I include it here because the yarn is a hand-dyed skein from Blarney Yarn, and because the colorway is named Idris. It's not coincidence. The shopowner is one of my yoga buddies.  She made me cry when she asked me if she could name a yarn in memoriam.