13 April, 2017

(belated) National Pet Day (or, Cats! On! The Internet!)

I keep meaning write a real post, and by real I mean about Mass Effect: Andromeda. but I haven't because I have not gotten far enough to justify pontificating and because it's early enough in the quarter I am unlikely to get that far for a while.

So for now, this will have to do.

Here is a parade of Eason animals, since Nous and I first got together, beginning with the dead. You will notice a theme. Black cats are the least loved in animal shelters, and so... we have black cats.

Pooka, on the left, came with me. We lost him in Oct. 2013, at the venerable age of 17.  He was a swaggering badass who feared nothing and no one, ever. Even after he went blind, and then deaf--no fear.

Pixie, on the right, came with Nous. We lost her in Jan. 2013. She never much liked Pooka--always hissed at him, never groomed him--but she always made sure she was in the room with him, too. She was neurotic and fiercely loyal and she loved bacon more than anything except (maybe) Nous.

And then Idris. He still makes me cry sometimes. He was by far the smartest cat we've ever had, but also the most high-strung and unstable. I mean, Pix would lick herself bald sometimes, but with Idris, it was constant stress. He chewed things. Cloth. Fiber. Silicon. That's what killed him. He was also devoted and sweet and playful and awesome, and I miss him.

And now for the living.

 On the right, we have Louhi, the runt of a litter, hand-raised by people who were very patient with a cat who was just not interested in eating (that changed). She's also wicked smart, and absolutely certain she is not a cat, and also that you have forgotten to feed her. The photo doesn't show you how small she really is.

...which is fair, because the photo also doesn't show you how big Skugga is. He's part Maine Coon, smart as hell, but very chill. And very gentle. We go for evening walks together. He has the loudest purr and the tiniest meow.