16 April, 2017

just don't touch it

It is one of those days when I am absolutely certain I should not attempt the WIP. I'll get in there and start second-guessing everything I've done  and then try and fix it and THEN decide no, I was right the first time and I'm the worst at this, ever, I should just quit.

(Case in point: I have rewritten the opening sentence of this post twice already, and it's in its original form again.)

So I left myself a note along the lines of "fix this relatively minor point b/c" and here I am, because this does not count as writing...well. It does, but it's also something I can do while waiting for the dryer cycle to finish.

It's chemical. As in biochemical, not external additives chemical. I joke about alcohol, but I don't actually drink that much, and then not before, oh, quitting time. I don't deal with the other sorts of chemicals, except caffeine. Seriously. 13 years in Boulder, CO, and I never smoked anything. Anyway, this is biochemistry fucking with me, as it does. Give it a day or so, (or a week, considering the current drafts/commenting schedule) and it'll be okay. In the meantime, I need to work on things with immediate payoff, like baking, or something on which I can see measurable and permanent progress, like knitting.

Or Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is starting to feel like Dragon Age: Inquisition for the sheer size and proliferating side quests and my rising levels of 'goddammit, I just left that region/planet, why are you trying to send me back there again with another fucking little quest?' I don't want the game to be over, but I do want to feel like I'm not just being arbitrarily sent on load-screen-heavy journeys without much story payoff.

Anyway. No writing today. Except this. Which, now that I hear the dryer buzzing, is done.