29 April, 2017


We have a rat in the laundry closet on the patio. I've seen it, and its droppings, and heard it crawling around back there behind (maybe inside?) the washer frame. The cats have been very attentive in the evenings when the rat is most active, which is when I spotted it last night.

Today, I'm home and pretending to write, so I can let them out to investigate. And oh, there is investigation. I can track the rat's movements by the cats. They're like divining rods: eyes, ears, whole being pointing to its current location.

I hope they scare it enough that it moves house and we don't have to resort to traps.

Meanwhile, I sit here, door open, maybe 3 feet from a wild rat and a very alert Skugga, and pretend to concentrate on the WIP. Guess how well that's going.