02 July, 2017

my borrowed sidekick*

So M. came over with a Schacht Sidekick spinning wheel on Friday, and I had a little religious experience. Or, like, I spun 2 oz. of wool in an afternoon instead of in 2 weeks on my trusty drop spindle. M. very patiently walked me through how to unpack and assemble the wheel and all that stuff that the instruction manual covers, but which I will learn better by observing, and then doing. Because as soon as she left, I had to change a bobbin and belts fell off wheels and there was physics** and I had to consult videos, but goddammit, I figured it out.

And! She brought me WAR BANDAGE 1.0, which is really...not war like? I mean, there's no blood. It's black/purpley blue instead. Blueberry Bandage? Bruise? YES. We shall call it BRUISE. Anyway, I have like 8 oz. of that, too, which will be something like 800 yds at the end, and who knows what will happen?

(Prediction: a conflict of duty vs. desire. I have a merit review file and four syllabi and the godsrotted WIP to finish this summer and all I want to do is spin yarn and binge watch Netflix.)

*There is not a good word in English for 'that which has been lent to me'. Loaned sounds like I was the agent of the loaning. Borrowed sounds like I asked. I need a word that means 'M. offered and I leapt gratefully upon the chance and clutched it to my cold little heart.'

**I took astrophysics in college, after I took astronomy; but I never took basic physics, like, ever. I took two years of chemistry in high school instead.