26 July, 2018

tiny horses, part two

The rose dapple grey, because it was hard. A rose grey is, well, a grey with reddish or peachy (or burgundy) undertones to the greying. Grey in a horse is like grey in a person--it's a loss of pigment in the hair. Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes more slowly. A rose grey is when the base color shows through the greying. Sometimes there are dapples, sometimes not. Of course I want to do dappling, because it's hard, and also, if it works, it looks pretty sweet. Since I work in acrylics only, I have to a) work fast (it's hot outside) and b) make sure my layers are thin enough I don't cover the base color too much.

First a basecoat with what appears to be bright copper under the grey. It is, in fact, bright copper.  It was so bright that I couldn't even deal with it and had to layer the grey over it in the same sitting.

We'll skip day two, Dapple Day. Dapples are the biggest PITA, like, ever. Two or so hours of dabbling and stippling and swearing and being absolutely certain it's all ruined. This, Second Day Painting, feels most like the first draft of a novel.

And then, final coat, final draft... when you sit back and think ok, that's...that's pretty cool.