16 December, 2020

I podcasted! And wrote some guest posts. And am late to all the parties.

Okay. Finally, now that my grading is done (though not finalized), and the quarter is mostly wrapped... the long delayed list of publicity and posts related to HOW THE MULTIVERSE GOT ITS REVENGE (which, for the record, would make a fantastic holiday gift. Audio book, ebook, paper. All three!)

And if you are tired of me, here are a lot of other people saying very nice things about REVENGE. 

  • Publishers Weekly: Review 
    • "This fantasy-space-opera hybrid provides no shortage of action, interstellar hijinks, and fuel for future installments. Series readers will be pleased."
  • Fresh Fiction:  "Most Anticipated New Releases: Fall-Winter 2020!"
  • Amazing Stories: "Science Fiction to Look for October 2020"
  • Smart Bitches Trashy Books: Review 
    • "Both the first and second book in this duology are excellent... I'd love to read more about Rory and her group of friends."
  • Tor.com: Exclusive Excerpt
  • The Quill to Live: Review
    • "...A fun fusion of different science fiction and fantasy concepts that kept me engaged the entire time... How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge is a fantastic book that checks all of my boxes for something I highly recommend."
  • Girl Who Reads: Review
    • "This is a fascinating mix of magic and space opera... A great story."

I am happy that this book seems to be delighting people, because my god we need some delight about now. Did I mention it'd make a great gift?

two cats sharing a pillow in the sun
The Patchwork Terror and Murdercat, BFFs
And because it is a lovely almost-winter day here, and the sun is warm, here are two house tigers, extra fluffy, catching a few rays.

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