01 July, 2022

On the Bones of Gods

 The On the Bones of Gods reissue is here! 

Almost. The e-books will be out on July 12. The print versions, and the audio books, will take a little longer: February 14, 2023, because everyone wants a little revolution for Valentine's Day. 

The covers, though, are definitely here, and...here they are! The (original, just for this project) artwork is by Deborah L. Wright and the graphic design is by The Rat, Tan Grimes-Sackett. It is a grand thing to know artists and designers, and to be able to work with them on your projects. 

book cover with a blue dragon made of jagged spikes of blue smoke

a spiky dragon of purple and blue swirls across the cover the cover,

two dragons composed of jagged red and gold flames cross the cover.

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