23 October, 2022

Books and Cats: WINDSCAR edition

My copies of Nightwatch Over Windscar have arrived, and y'all, they are beautiful. 

But do not simply take my word for it. Here are photos of cats reacting to these gorgeous books invading their space. (Not present: Murdercat, which is ironic, since he's the one who gets a cameo in the book.)

a small black cat sits beside a large hardback copy of Nightwatch Over Windscar. The cat is pretending not to notice either the book or the looming photographer.
Tinycat attempts here to ignore both the book and me, but she's secretly impressed. 

The Patchwork Terror is super impressed with the cover art. The colors are amazing

And if you want your very own copy, well, it's available for preorder in all the usual places, and it will arrive in your happy hands on Nov. 8. 

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